Dec 23, 2010

Another STM32 Mini Development Board

Another STM32 development board, compared with previous STM32 board, the differences are:
no flash chip,  no micro SD card socket, have potentiometer for analog input voltage source, two switches and LEDs for software test, have jumpers for GPIO to make it selectable for different functions.
For experiment purpose, it's better all the features are provided on board to avoid external wiring and time wasting to do it. But for final product, we would like to remove unnecessary parts especially big ones because we want to make it compact, we need to add power supply and battery into a small box. In case the circuit must not be compact, to be placed in a big cabinet for example, the total area of the PCB must be concerned because it's part of production cost. Unless your circuit generate a massive heat, so you need to spread the heat and bring the airflow evenly to decrease the circuit temperature. A long term overheated part could reduce its life time.

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