Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

If you have watched the Tree of Life on BBC Knowledge, it would make you feeling astonished when the group of genius from different times, trying to reveal the tree of life and in fact they did it. Then become 50-50 possibility people to believe in God. Because:
- Instead of God, nature could do the evolution
- It's tremendous from nothing to become modern human, it was not just happened.

But today, I try to present another perspective of life because it's Christmas day. We would solve our global problem with affection and care. The population explosion, the needs of huge energy, the unsustainable life style, would generate the unfair way of life across the world . It's difficult if only a few people put attention on it, I wish more geniuses come out to be world savior with affection and care... Merry Christmas!

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