Dec 19, 2010

STM32F103VET6 Mini Development Board

Do you dare solder TQFP100 pins manually? If you do, you can try it with STM32F103VE microcontroller. The more pins meaning the more GPIOs, some are dedicated for display, external flash memory chip, SD card, RS232 programming port, JTAG, battery. The rest? It's up to you, could be more than enough but it's available. I don't dare to do it myself, that's why I bought a ready made mini development board which come along with 240x320 TFT display. The example codes show how to access microcontroller's peripherals and external devices (external flash, micro SD card, display, ENC28J60 ethernet interface) and example code of MP3 player are all given for free. Now, what are you waiting for? Create something to enrich the world, even it's just started with a small ripple in the big wave of electronic ocean...

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Anonymous said...

Hi I bought this kit and I can't load the exemple codes. So, could you post a tutorial on how to accomplish this? Thanks.
Mr. Lacerda

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