Jan 29, 2015

Digital Clock with P10 LED Module

Do you want a digital clock which can show day, date including year? The picture below shows Friday in Indonesian that is Jumat. No worries, I have changed the code into Englsh.

The time keeper is DS1302 and backup is 3 pieces 1000uF capacitor. 3 micro switches for mode, increase and decrease. C51 mcu family is used for simplicity and no high computation power is needed.

Below the PCB screenshot, well the mcu package is PLCC44 no different function with DIL40 package. The quality of crystal Q2 is very critical here because it determine the time drift. The connection to P10 LED module detail can be seen at previous post.

You can get the code here.
The apps will create the code in your phone storage in file main.txt.

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