Feb 24, 2015

Midicom vs RPi2

Once in microcontroller lab I was coding  Midicom 8085 based microprocessor. The speed was 4MHz, 64kB external ROM and 64kB RAM also external. It could run monitor program or simple BASIC. It had off chip video, keyboard, 7segmens, tape and speaker (not audio) interface. RS232 was there but no ethernet.

And now... I got Raspberry Pi 2 with quad-core ARM Cortex A7 microcontroller, internal flash and 1G RAM, running on 900MHz clock. It has HDMI, AV, microphone, camera, LCD, Ethernet. USB ports can be connected to keyboard, mouse, thumb drive, hard disk, wifi dongle or any other USB device if you have the driver. The more important thing is ethernet because IA and IoT is predicted to be potentially very dangerous in future.

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