Aug 2, 2016

4-Digit Seven Segment Display TM1637 (8051)

TM1367 is a LED drive and keyboard scan controller but in this application I use it for driving 4 digits seven segment display. There are 4 wires connecting the display and the mcu:
Display - MCU STM32F103C8T6
VCC - 5V
DIO - Port A1
CLK - Port A0

It communicate with I2C protocol that's why the code has below procedures:
- TM1637Start(void);
- TM1637Stop(void);
- TM1637ReadAck(void);

The example code init the mcu, init the TM1367 and then display integer counting from 0-9999 repeatedly. Get the code here.


Nabil Abdoun said...

Thank you for this post.
How we can get the code?

SSDao said...

@Nabil, just click the link and request for file sharing.

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