Jan 27, 2019

Samsung Smart TV Remote Control Receiver STM32F103C8T6

When you output your Samsung Smart TV audio to optical SPDIF, the volume control will not work because it work in fixed volume. So I build an IR receiver to collect the data transmitted by the remote control to increase or decrease the audio volume when the related button is pressed.

Below the waveform of the signal received by the IR sensor.

I use a common IR receiver with 3 pins: VCC, Data, GND. A 47 ohms resistor needed between VCC pin to 5V power supply and a 1 uF capacitor from VCC pin to GND for RF decoupling. Data pin is connected to the PORTA0 of the STM32F103C8T6 microcontroller.

The code is here, at the moment the volume up and down are used to turn on and off the LED on PORTC13, you can connect it to 2 pieces (for stereo purpose) of X9C103 digital potentiometer in order to increase and decrease volume received at the output of SPDIF receiver.

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